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New and Used Equipment Available
Shipping containers come in a variety of conditions from the depots.  The below
descriptions are brief explanations of the standard available options.  This information is
useful to form an expectation of the equipment that will be delivered to you.

Wind and Water Tight (wwt)
These containers cost the least of all other container conditions.  They have been retired
from the large fleets of international shipping companies.  They have usually seen their
share of handling which over time will degrade their overall appearance.  If appearance is
not much of a consideration, these containers are great because as the name implies,
they are guaranteed to be wind an water tight.  Some exterior panel damage and
patches of surface rust should be expected.

Cargo Worthy (cw)
These containers cost slightly more than wwt containers.  Cargo Worth containers are
also retired from large fleets of international shipping companies.  They are much like the
wind and water tight containers except they have been surveyed by a licenced inspector
and certified to be adequate for overseas transportation.  The surveyors inspect the
container's structural integrity and look for any possible leaks.  Containers with excessive
side panel, corner post or door seal damage will be rejected.  A minimal amount of
exterior panel damage and patches of surface rust should be expected.

A refurbished container is one we have
pressure washed, sandblasted where
required and repainted on the exterior
with a high quality industrial paint.  The
customer may request a paint color from
our color selection chart.  This is a great
way to have a like-new looking container
without the like-new cost.
Tip: Lighter colored containers stay
cooler in the hot summer sun.  If a darker
color is preferred, we suggest at least
painting the roof a light color.

These containers that have traveled overseas one time with cargo and are available for
resale.  They are often called "one-trip" or "single voyage" containers.  These containers
are in great shape, the paint is still new looking and any damage due to handling is very
minimal.  Surface rust is rare to non-existent.  New containers are great for converting
into mobile offices, vending booths and other endless customization options.  Let our
company make a convenient, affordable custom container to fit your needs.  If you need
it, we can build it.
Product Quality
Product Quality
Cargo Worthy
Rugged Steel

Corrugated Steel

1 1/8" Thick
Plywood Flooring

Gasketed Doors
to ensure a
watertight seal

Galvanized Steel
Locking System

Each door is
suspended by four
hinges with
stainless steel
pins and nylon
Dry Cargo
Open Top
High Cube
Cargo Worthy
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