New – One Trip

Containers that have traveled overseas one time.

Cisco Containers, LLC

New (One-Trip)

New containers are made in the same factories with the same requirements as those of the shipping lines and container leasing companies.  They are leased to a shipping line for “one trip” for the purpose of repositioning the container to the desired location.  The shipping line will take the containers from the manufacturers, load them with goods, ship them over the water and to the recipient of the goods they contain.

Once empty, they are returned to the designated depot where they get inspected and reported as available.  This is a benefit to the shipping line because they get paid for the shipment and do not have to reposition the containers to a needed location or pay to store them.  It is a benefit to us because we get hundreds of new containers to sell each year.

New containers are often called “one-trip” or “single voyage” containers.  They are in great shape, the paint is still new looking and any damage due to handling is minimal.  Surface rust is rare to non-existent.  New containers are great for converting into mobile offices, vending booths and other endless customization options.  Let our company make a convenient, affordable custom container to fit your needs.  If you need it, we can build it.