Used - Wind and Water Tight

Retired shipping line containers offer a great value.

Cisco Containers, LLC

Used – Wind and Water Tight (wwt)

Used containers were originally owned by one of the large shipping lines or container leasing companies.  These companies own large fleets of containers that get used for generally 8 to 12 years.  They are depreciated over this time until they reach a point where it was determined they will be retired.  Retiring the containers at this point ensures the shipping lines they will have a fresh fleet of good containers that require a minimal amount of repair costs.  Used containers still have a lot of life in them though.  In fact, many of them can be recertified to be used for export shipping again (see cargo worthy).  Otherwise, they do very well in the used container market for use as storage or modified to be repurposed into some useful, secure and very strong structure.

Used containers have usually seen their share of handling which over time will degrade their overall appearance.  In the used container market, some are newer and better than others.  We focus on keeping the best containers possible in our inventory providing our customers with containers we would want to have personally.  Some are “more used” and less attractive than others, generally making them a little cheaper.  We try to keep a few of these around for the budget minded consumer and can usually get them if we don’t have them.

If appearance is not much of a consideration, these containers are great because as the name implies, they are guaranteed to be wind and water tight.  Some exterior panel damage and patches of surface rust should be expected with all used containers.